Welcome to Froedtert Health’s Employee Ambassadorship Program 

As a valued member of Froedtert Health, you are a key influencer in promoting our company’s mission, values and culture within the organization as well as to potential candidates who are excited to join the Froedtert Health System. Now, we have found an easier way to generate positive exposure and raise awareness of the Froedtert Health brand through digital media. 
Bambu by Sprout Social is an employee ambassadorship platform that gives you a simple way to share curated, pre-approved Froedtert Health content to your own social networks. By utilizing the new Bambu platform, you can easily share social content on behalf of the organization and help grow your own social presence. You will also help Froedtert Health attract potential candidates to the company by increasing exposure of our content and excellence in patient care, innovation, medical research and health education.

Please watch the video below for a brief training.


Learn more about Bambu

We are excited for you to utilize this digital platform and become an ambassador for our organization. Thanks for incorporating your enthusiasm into this program, while accelerating your brand and ours!